2017 Parade

2017 Stillwater Lumberjack Days Parade

Starts at 1:05pm on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Registration is OPEN!

Yes!  We will be continuing the tradition of the parade with an overall hometown feeling, as we look at ways to make our event a great experience for parade viewers, participants, and workers alike.

Last year we added a motorcycle demo team, drum line, a couple marching bands, several new entries, and we greatly improved programming at Washington Square Park.  We expect to sustain those improvements and hope to add a few more wrinkles with the community's help, and make this year’s parade even better than last year’s.  All of those new features involve performance fees (along with the other fees to put on a parade), hence the importance of continued financial support of the greater Lumberjack Days event.  Our goal remains to make Stillwater’s parade route THE place to be on Sunday early afternoon, July 23rd, as we contribute to the weekend’s celebration of Stillwater, the greater St. Croix Valley, and our area’s Lumberjack heritage.  With your creative help, and passing your ideas back to us, we can make it so!

If you have questions, please contact Parade Director Dave Ratte at parade.thelocals@gmail.com.

Get your 2017 Parade Application here : Stillwater Lumberjack Days Parade Application 2017.pdf

Here are some participants in the 2017 parade that you should check out!

Project Life at - stillwaterprojectlife.org

Stillwater Medical Group/Lakeview Hospital at - lakeviewhealth.org

PowerUp at - powerup4kids.org

Ultimate Marital Arts Stillwater at - www.umamn.com

St. Paul Eye Clinic at - www.stpauleye.com

CrossWinds Community Church - www.crosswindscc.org

CarSoup.Com - www.carsoup.com

Kari's Create & Paint Studio - www.kcapstudio.com

Pinz - www.pinz.com

In addition, we especially thank the following organizations that donated their time, talent, expertise, and extra financial support in putting on the parade:

Necessary Diversion at - www.necessarydiversion.com

Ruben at - ruben.bandcamp.com/music

The Lowland Lakers at - www.thelowlandlakers.com

Lumberjack Enterprises with Jamie Fischer at - www.lumberjackenterprises.com

Century Power and Sports at - www.centurypwrsports.com

Stillwater Trolley at - http://stillwatertrolley.com

Central School Bus at - www.northamericacentral.com

Rockpoint Church at - www.rockpoint.church

Aamodt's Hot Air Balloons at - aamodtsballoons.com

2016 Parade Recap: Thank you to ALL of the participants in the 2016 parade. We've received wonderful reviews about it being great to have local businesses and organizations involved.  Thank you and see you next year!  Here's what one fan had to say: "My daughter, son in law, and both their kids and I attended the 2016 LJD parade and we thought it was a huge success!!  The perfect amount of time, floats, etc and no politians.  Keep up the great work and thank you."             -Mary, Stillwater, MN