2017 Lumberjack Days Parade

2017 Stillwater Lumberjack Days Parade

Registration is closed for 2017

We had a Grand Parade on Sunday, July 23rd and looking forward to next year's on July 22nd.  If any questions in the mean time, send an email to parade.thelocals@gmail.com

2017 info remains below to memorialize the event!!  Don't forget to checkout our sponsors in the live links below...and see you in 2018!!


We've sent out our press releases for the parade.  Here's what they said this year:

1. First Release.

June 30, 2017

Keeping the tradition alive with great family fun, The Locals and their parade directors have put together the annual Stillwater Lumberjack Days parade.  The parade will be on Sunday, July 23rd, stepping off at 1:05pm from Stillwater’s Washington Square Park.  Get out your lawn chairs, line the route, and have your arms ready to wave!  

Beginning at the corner of Greeley and Churchill Streets, the parade will have live music, marching bands, a drum line, a pipe and drum corps, dancing, yummy treats for all ages, and definitely a few pleasant surprises.  Included in the parade this year is live music from the bands Ruben and The Lowland Lakers.

Kicking off the day is the high energy Twin Cities cover band Necessary Diversion, playing live music before the parade at Washington Square Park from 11:30am to 1:00pm.  Also at Washington Square Park will be an Arts & Crafts booth for the kids, and Rusty the Clown will be entertaining us all with his colorful and wacky balloon creations, beginning at 12pm at Washington Square Park and making his way along the route with the parade.  

This year’s parade Grand Marshals are US Senator Amy Klobuchar and Washington County Commissioner Gary Kriesel, honoring them for their significant role in shepherding the new St. Croix River bridge through Congressional approval to construction completion.  The ribbon-cutting ceremony is slated for  August 2, 2017. 

Also recognized and joining Klobuchar and Kriesel in the parade are the numerous bridge construction workers and managers, their families, and the elected officials and local citizens who supported construction of the new bridge over the past 30 years. 

The parade route travels north from Washington Square Park along Greely St., one block west on Olive St., north on Owens St., and east on Laurel St. to conclude at Pioneer Park.  For more information or a detailed map, check out the Stillwater Lumberjack Days website.

Stillwater Lumberjack Days parade directors are always looking for volunteers and still need Parade Marshals to line the route.  It’s never too late to sign up at  http://lumberjackdays.com/volunteer

Come on out and support your local parade!


2. Second Release.

30 June 2017

The Locals announce Klobuchar, Kriesel to be Grand Marshalls of Lumberjack Days Parade 

Organizers of the annual Lumberjack Days parade in Stillwater today announced that US Senator Amy Klobuchar and Washington County Commissioner Gary Kriesel will be Grand Marshalls of the 2017 Lumberjack Days Parade.  The parade will be held on Sunday, July 23rd at 1:05 p.m.

Parade organizers also announced the creation of a parade unit for bridge construction workers, their families, and the elected officials who supported construction of the new bridge over the past 30 years.  A large group of former and current elected officials from Minnesota and Wisconsin federal, state and local government are expected to march with the construction workers. 

 “As we get closer to the ribbon-cutting, excitement for the new bridge is building.  It’s easily the most important thing that’s happened in our town in the past 50 years, and we felt that the people who worked on the bridge deserved to be recognized in our parade,” said Brad Glynn, parade organizer for The Locals

Glynn noted that Klobuchar was selected for the honor as she was the chief author of federal legislation that all 100 US Senators had to unanimously approve in 2012 to allow construction to go forward.  Kriesel was chosen to honor his career of service on behalf of the new bridge as both a Stillwater City Councilmember and a member of the Washington County Board.  He is the senior local official to have advocated for the construction of the overall bridge project.

 “This bridge has been a lifetime in the making for a lot of us.  I can’t even begin to count the number of bridge design and bridge advocacy meetings we’ve held over the last 30 years,” said Kriesel.  “It’s such a relief to see it nearly done, and we’re excited for the opportunities it will bring.”

“It’s an honor to serve as this year’s Grand Marshall of the famous Lumberjack Days Parade alongside Commissioner Kriesel,” said Klobuchar.  “Over the years I’ve loved attending the parade, so this is a special honor.  Passing the legislation that made the new bridge possible was a true team effort – city, state and federal lawmakers worked together to get it done.  The new bridge will provide families and businesses in the Stillwater region with safer, more efficient travel for generations to come.”

The annual Lumberjack Days parade follows a route that is 1-1/2 miles long, and is regularly attended by several thousand people from the region.


Here are some participants in the 2017 parade that you should check out!

Project Life at - stillwaterprojectlife.org

Stillwater Medical Group/Lakeview Hospital at - lakeviewhealth.org

PowerUp at - powerup4kids.org

Ultimate Marital Arts Stillwater at - www.umamn.com

St. Paul Eye Clinic at - www.stpauleye.com

CrossWinds Community Church - www.crosswindscc.org

CarSoup.Com - www.carsoup.com

Kari's Create & Paint Studio - www.kcapstudio.com

Pinz - www.pinz.com

Pure Poms and Cheer, Sponsored by NorthStar Real Estate Associates and Paul Melby Mortgage




The Pole Barn Studio - www.thepolebarnstudio.com and Airy Fitness - www.airyfitness.com

The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce - www.greaterstillwaterchamber.com

Stillwater Motors - www.stillwatermotors.com


In addition, we especially thank the following organizations that donated their time, talent, expertise, and extra financial support in putting on the parade:

Necessary Diversion at - www.necessarydiversion.com

Ruben at - ruben.bandcamp.com/music

The Lowland Lakers at - www.thelowlandlakers.com

Lumberjack Enterprises with Jamie Fischer at - www.lumberjackenterprises.com

Century Power and Sports at - www.centurypwrsports.com

Stillwater Trolley at - http://stillwatertrolley.com

Central School Bus at - www.northamericacentral.com

Rockpoint Church at - www.rockpoint.church

Aamodt's Hot Air Balloons at - aamodtsballoons.com

Stillwater Oaks Golf Course at - www.stillwateroaksgolf.com

Harbor Bar & Restaurant - www.facebook.com/Harbor-Bar-Restaurant


2016 Parade Recap: Thank you to ALL of the participants in the 2016 parade. We've received wonderful reviews about it being great to have local businesses and organizations involved.  Thank you and see you next year!  Here's what one fan had to say: "My daughter, son in law, and both their kids and I attended the 2016 LJD parade and we thought it was a huge success!!  The perfect amount of time, floats, etc and no politians.  Keep up the great work and thank you."             -Mary, Stillwater, MN