Historic Medallion Hunt

THE 2016 MEDALLION HAS BEEN FOUND!  6th generation Stillwater Resident Logan found the medallion at Sunrise Park after searching each of the days during the event. He had purchased a 2016 Commemorative Button, lived in Stillwater, took a selfie and their family car had been serviced between June 2015 and July 2016.  Congratulations! And THANK YOU to everyone for playing - both kindly and respectfully. This has been the best hunt yet, because of everyone's attitudes. #LJD2016

Thank you for Stillwater Motors for sponsoring this event.

2016 Historic Medallion Hunt - Clues Deciphered:

Clue #1: Read at 6pm on Thursday, July 14 at Washington County Historic Courthouse


We’ve now got back the rights to the Lumberjack Days name

And the Medallion Hunt changes, yet remains the same (Meaning: new hiding place, new clue-writer, same great tradition).

On public land in Stillwater’s borders

Here are your seeking orders (Meaning: Stillwater city limits on public land, not private)

If you’ve been searching already for the prized token

Listen to the words now being spoken (Meaning: You should really go to the first clue in person to be the first to know the clues. There will always be a delay with posting the clues online, on purpose).

The medallion is being hid only now as I speak

Good luck now on this giant game of hide and seek. (Meaning: If you were looking early, you were wasting your time. The game starts only after the first clue is read).

Clue #2: Read at 1pm on Friday, July 15  at The Warden’s House

Thank goodness it’s Friday, the weekend begins.

Make sure you wear bugspray, even on your shins. (Meaning: The hiding spot was SUPER mosquito-filled. Not to torture people, but just because it was a good hiding spot. This was a warning too, that if you don't wear bugspray, you'll get eaten up. I made that mistake myself).

The beauty in Stillwater is a magnificent site.

You’ll find the medallion if you turn to the right.  (Meaning: The pathway in Sunrise park is to the right, as well as the deer path, as well as the dead, fallen pine tree where the medallion was hidden).

If you’re near a cliff by a different name

Keep searching my friends, the prize is yours to claim  (Meaning: If you are near EDGEWOOD Rd, you're getting closer to Sunrise Park. Edge is another name for a cliff).


Clue #3: Read at 1pm on Saturday, July 16 at The Warden’s House

If you’ve been searching downtown

This clue will give you a frown  (Meaning: It's not in downtown Stillwater - too many people were down there AND with the 2016 floods, we weren't taking any chances).

Head West! They say

It will take you the right way  (Meaning: Sunrise Park is west of downtown Stillwater)

The name of our beloved river is key  (Meaning: St. Croix River = Croixwood neighborhood)

The medallion found not at dusk will be  (Meaning: The opposite of dusk is dawn...or....sunrise! Meaning Sunrise Park).


Clue #4: Released on Sunday, July 17

Still at large? How can that be?

We’ve given you the map and tools you see  (Meaning: Tools = bring a rake!)

Kids play here by day, Trees sleep here by night (Meaning: It's for sure a park, not an overlook or public building)

The pathway here is in a dimmer light (Meaning: the pathway in Sunrise Park is covered by trees, so even when sunny, it is dim)

It’s been fun, it’s been charming (Meaning: the pathway is a perfect romantic walk with someone you're really into!)

But if the medallion is unfound, that’s alarming!  (Meaning: nothing here, it just ryhmed with charming)


Clue #5: Release on Monday, July 18 at 12pm


The Festival is over and Lumberjacks have gone to bed,

Or maybe to get acupuncture instead.  (Meaning: the event Lumberjacks Days was officially over, but the hunt was not)

The medallion is getting acupuncture as well,  

Just using different equipment from the trees that fell.  (Meaning: Acupuncture uses needles, and the medallion was hidden underneath pine needles.)

Count one path then two, 

But make sure you walk as the deer do.  (Meaning: Right off the main pathway there are deer trails, and the second one from the start is the closest one to the hiding spot).

Get lost to right, but stop before the trees that sleep all day, not just at night.  (Meaning: Go off of the path, to the right, and stop walking before you get to the big dead pine tree.)