Meet The Locals

  • Shawn Smalley - Board Member

    Stillwater native and resident.  Successful entrepreneur as owner of Smalley’s Caribbean BBQ.  Restaurant has been featured in national TV and print publications numerous times, bringing much needed attention to both Stillwater as a small town and its culinary offerings. Active among downtown businesses and local charities. Contact Shawn concerning Stillwater Log Jam at
  • Erin McQuay - Board Member

    Promotions Coordinator at Lift Bridge Bridge Brewing Company, grant writer, events coordinator (Paint on the Water, Cruisin' on the Croix), web developer, graphic designer and marketing specialist. Extensive non-profit experience in the Twin Cities Metro area, including working with The History Theatre, Sample Night Live and Valley Friendship Club. Stillwater resident. Contact Erin concerning Stillwater Log Jam at
  • Brad Glynn - Board Member

    Founding member of Lift Bridge Brewery (2008-present), successful Stillwater business owner and career project manager. Has created and executed many successful targeted events and regional product rollouts. Has taken a business from basement to sustaining success, garnering regional awards.
  • Michael Sobieski - Board Member

    I have lived in Stillwater for the past 33 years, while working at 3M as a Telecommunications Architect and most recently Security Architect. Will retire before Log Jam 2015 begins. This is part of what I will be doing with my retirement. Volunteered at the Command Center for Log Jam 2014 and with that decided to up the game and be part of the team. We live in a 130 year old house in Stillwater that occupies much of the rest of the time. We enjoy the summer time in Stillwater on our pontoon cruising the river, hiking and biking the new Brown’s Creek trail and the North Shore. Michael can be contacted at
  • Paul Creager - Board Member

    Stillwater native.  11 + years of festival organizing experience with the Square Lake Film & Music Festival, producer/director of “An Ode to Stillwater: The 8mm Films of John Runk”, extensive grant writing experience, 13+ years of educational programming experience. Contact Paul directly at
  • Josh Ernst - Board Member

    Stillwater native. Josh has 2 decades of professional experience in the graphic arts. Josh created the logos for Stillwater Log Jam, Discover Stillwater and Square Lake Film and Music Festival. He lived and worked as a graphic designer in Minneapolis before returning to the St. Croix Valley to start his business, Grain Studio.
  • Nelson - Down Hill Derby Coordinator

    I retired from 3M in March of 2013. For many years there I was a project planner in their corporate supply chain department. That meant that I got to work on a variety of projects with great people from all over the world. In retirement, I have focused on enjoying my many hobbies. I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity one day very week and occasionally for Community Thread. And I spend one day every week with my grandchildren. The rest of my time is devoted to biking, boating, camping, fishing, hiking, pickleball, travel, volleyball, working in my wood shop and yard work. I have a lovely wife that supports all of my hobbies, two adult children that both live in the metro area, the two best grandchildren in the world and a dog that is a constant source of affection and entertainment.
  • Dave Ratte - Parade Director

    Stillwater native and current resident. Courtesy of the U.S. Navy, Dave spent several years away from the St. Croix Valley as he sailed most of the seven seas and all of the world’s oceans, including quality time under the Arctic ice pack. He and his wife enjoy many activities above, on, near, and below the water to include flying, motorcycling, hiking, sailing, diving, and watching Minnesota and Navy sports. He is involved in his community, volunteering and contributing to various local commissions, organizations, and activities. Contact Dave concerning Stillwater Log Jam Parade at
  • Julie Moravec - Parade Co-Director

    A current White Bear resident. Previously a preschool teacher in Stillwater, currently employed with Roseville school district with ECFE/Pre K. An active volunteer and employee at Lift Bridge Brewery since 2010. She has many hobbies concerning community involvement and educational outreach. Julie enjoys organizing and event planning, although not professionally yet. She's always looking for her next challenge whether its directing a parade, planning a new event, or starting a new classroom. Julie's favorite hobbies include watching movies with her roommate, spending time with her 2 nieces, 4 nephews, and other nearby family, and trying out the newest local restaurant, or specialty cocktail.
  • Drew Johnson - Stillwater Log Jam Photographer

    Currently residing in St. Paul with his family, Drew grew up in the St. Croix Valley and is a Stillwater High School Graduate. With a marketing and communications background his love and eye for photography has grown into a successful side business. Along with portraiture for individuals, families, weddings, local bands and his own creative work, Drew has done commercial & editorial photography for the Square Lake Film & Music Festival, The National Sports Center, The Etsy Corporation, Metro Transit, Grain Studio and the Walker Art Center. He's thrilled to be able to help document Stillwater Log Jam again and help ensure its continued growth and success in any way he can.