BMX Stunt Shows

Saturday: 11am, 1pm

Sunday: 12pm, 2pm

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating event as Professional BMX Athletes return to Stillwater with Ride Minnesota‘s Mega Jump Motivational Experience! Anticipate gaining insights into bicycle safety from seasoned BMX professionals, who will also showcase a range of popular BMX stunts including 360s, tailwhips, and even backflips! Motivational elements are seamlessly woven into the experience, lending a heartfelt layer of inspiration and direction to this high-energy extravaganza.

Following each demonstration, these approachable athletes go the extra mile to interact with you, your friends, and family during our meet-and-greet sessions where autograph cards are available for free. Get ready to be awestruck, extend a greeting, and who knows, you might leave feeling inspired for years to come!