Medallion Hunt

2024 Rules for Historic Medallion Hunt brought to you by Erin McQuay of the United Way.
Medallion created by Chas Joy of Woodstock in Stillwater, MN.

2024 Lumberjack Days Buttons will only be sold prior to the FIRST Clue being read by Erin
McQuay of United Way of Washington County-East at 7pm on Thursday, July 18, 2024 at The
Historic Courthouse Ice Cream Social. If any buttons remain, we will announce sales of them for
collectors after the completion of LJD.

2024 Commemorative Lumberjack Days Buttons will be sold at The Daily Grind downtown until
NOON on July 18 and then, 5pm-6:59pm (Strictly) at the Washington County Historic
Courthouse Ice Cream Social.

First clue to be read at the Washington County Historic Courthouse on Thursday, July 18, 2024.
The hunt is only to begin AFTER this clue is read. Any searching prior is considered grounds for
disqualification. Clues will not be printed – please refer to our website and social media for
updated clues, posted one hour after being read in person.

All following clues will be read until found as follows:
Friday, July 19 at 1pm at the Veterans War Memorial (3 rd and Pine)
Saturday, July 20 at 1pm at the Veterans War Memorial (3 rd and Pine)
Sunday, July 21 at 9am at the Veterans War Memorial (3 rd and Pine)

Prizes levels details:
● $50 if you simply find the medallion (no button pre-purchased)
● $300 if you find the medallion with the pre-purchase of a button
● $500 if you find the medallion with the pre-purchase of a button and you ‘Like’ Stillwater Lumberjack Days on social media.
● $750 if you find the medallion with the pre-purchase of a button and you take a selfie at the area of finding with the medallion – must be wearing the button in the selfie (do NOT share photo until confirmation) – photo must be sent via text to the organizers.
● $1000 if you find the medallion with the pre-purchase of a button, take a selfie – must be wearing the button in the selfie, and you live in the St. Croix Valley. – License required upon validation. If under 16 years old, legal guardian must provide license.

Prize will be awarded after the conclusion of the festival during the week of July 22, 2024 after all details of the find have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by the organizers. The Medallion will be hidden at an undisclosed time on public land within Stillwater City Limits. No previous winners or relatives of winners of the Festivals Medallion Hunt are eligible to win any prizes affiliated with the festival’s activity for a period of 3 years, and no more than 2 members per immediate family for 10 years. Any attempt to purchase, use, recreate or borrow a 2024 Commemorative Lumberjack Days Button after the reading of the first clue in order to claim the prize money is strictly prohibited.

No images of Medallion itself will be published as we do not want any possible replicas. When you find it, you’ll know it!

The organizers can choose to disqualify any individual on suspicion of misconduct, cheating or
any foul play regarding the contest whatsoever. Please be respectful of land and property. Any
damage to land and property is strictly prohibited and grounds for disqualification. Do not push
down trees, remove bricks, or harm any public property – you will be disqualified from all
current and future contests with Lumberjack Days. There are no age restrictions on who can
participate or who can win. Any posting of finding the medallion online, on any social media, or
further exhibition of the find prior to validation is grounds for disqualification.

Once the medallion is believed to be found, we will post a disclaimer, and will give details of the
find after the award has been given after validation. Please do not comment on any social
media posts until validation. If the medallion is not found by 6pm on Sunday, July 21, 2024, the
location will be revealed sometime before Monday and you can hunt for it for fun, but no prizes
will be awarded. No one may claim that they found it before 6pm and just contact us after the
fact. We are very aware of when it is found, or foul play has happened.
Have fun! Make this a memorable experience for yourself and the community. Conduct yourself
in a manner that would make your grandmother proud. Good Luck!

Hey! Hardcore Medallion Hunters! – Take it easy. Sure, we’d love you to hunt, but only in good
fun and hopefully you’ll come to the festival and support the local merchants while you are visiting our town. But really, take it easy.
Who to Contact in the case of finding the Medallion- Erin McQuay – 763-222-3988 – Please call during respectful hours between 8am and 8pm. DO NOT BRING IT DOWNTOWN TO THE FESTIVAL! You must follow the rules to claim it.